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Chaparral High School Letter Jackets

We sell and decorate Letter Jackets right here at Monograms by K & K. We exclusively use Rennoc jackets.

We have some sizes available for immediate purchase in stock. If we don't have your specific size, orders can be placed anytime with a turnaround time of approximately 4-6 weeks.
Precise measurements are very important to accurately order the appropriate size. We recommend that you bring your child in to try on the jackets, so we can get the sizing just right. Once we have the size, you can choose embroidery font styles, stock designs and customize your jacket to make it your own.
Font Choices:
Some Chaparral specific designs:
We have many more designs available that can be changed to Chaparral school colors.
Due to the extent of available options and specific measurement requirements, letter jackets cannot be ordered online.
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